Artist phenom 8th Project welcomes you to his first, flagship PFP collection, inspired by the great wonders of the world and the dawn of the metaverse.

Introducing 8th Wonders, a single collection dropping in four stages starting December.

From the Great Pyramid of Giza to the Template of Artemis, the seven wonders of the world have inspired humanity for thousands of years. Today we usher in the eight wonder, the metaverse, with the 8th wonders its denizens. Each of the 8th wonders is unique with hundreds of possible traits painstakingly hand-crafted by 8th Project.

Archetype 1
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Archetype 2
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Archetype 3
Archetype 4

8th Wonders ownership perks

Whitelisting and priority access for subsequent 8th Wonders drops

Early access to select future art by 8th Project

The chance to win rare 8th Wonders one of ones

Giveaways and free mints by 8th Project and friends

Because we're partnered with Untamed Elephants on this launch, all 8th Wonders holders receive full membership into the Untamed Universe, which includes Untamed Elephants, Hello Fam!, and a growing family.

Giving Back

8th Project has learned first-hand about the power of art in transforming lives. A portion of proceeds will go to to help nurture, encourage, and promote the arts and make art education more accessible to the public.

About 8th Project

With his show-stopping, deconstructionist aesthetic, celebrity fanbase, passionate collectors, and appearances everywhere from whisky bottles to Time Square billboards, French-Mexican artist 8th Project has made a name for himself as one of the new iconic artists of the NFT age.

You can find 8th Project's individual works in his thriving OpenSea collection or keep up with his latest drops on Instagram and Twitter.

8th Project Appearances

Frequently asked Questions

How can we work together?
For business inquires, contact Nelly by email or in our Discord. For all other inquires, visit our Discord.

I love your art! How can I commission you for a custom piece?
If you've collected seven or more geo portraits, you can commission and reserve a personalized geo portrait so long as it hasn't been drawn before. Subject to 8th Project's availability and approval.

What's the whitelist and how can I join?
Whitelisted buyers get early access to 8th Wonders minting with a discount. Whitelisting is highly limited with 8th Project collectors receiving priority. Look for opportunities to win a whitelist slot across our Discord and social media channels.

What is your connection to Untamed Elephants?
Untamed Elephants are a close advisor and technical partner for 8th Wonders. As such, all 8th Wonders holders receive membership into the Untamed family and a small percentage of sales go to elephant charity as well.